This Week’s Food For Thought – Acceptance

Being the human being that we are we all find ourselves rejecting, not liking or resisting other people / situations/ life in general.

Most of us will put up a fight against anything we dislike in our immediate environment and surrounding and will even shout at things in  the world we don’t like at the news on TV, the Radio, in the newspaper etc.

However what we forget is that when we decide we will resist something or somebody either mentally, emotionally or physically, we only empower the object of our resistance, both in reality and in our own minds, which then on some level feeds the energy of the situation.

If you want to enjoy the ability to influence or change anyone or anything always start with acceptance of that person, thing or situation.

If you want to disarm another begin with acceptance. If you want to encourage and empower another to change, start with acceptance.

With acceptance you change the energy, but don’t make it conditional, otherwise it’s just resistance disguised as acceptance and you are still trying to control them/it.

We need to accept that we are all different that each person is right in their way in their own private world.

We should not get angry because someone thinks differently to us, acts differently to us,  we need to accept they are different, life becomes a whole lot easier and much more gentle and acceptance brings peace and then things start to change.

Try it and see.




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