This Week’s Food For Thought – Be Wise

A wise person is one who takes no part in negative, gossipy & idle talk about others

If you are with someone or even surrounded by people all talking negatively or unpleasantly about another’s shortcomings, or what someone else is doing with their life and you find yourself actually listening, then question why you are listening, and maybe even taking part in it.

Is it because the information is useful to you, or can you do anything about the situation to help the person?
If not, then perhaps it is time to remind yourself that there is no use in listening to such talk and feeding the negative energy of the situation.

Instead, where possible make an attempt to look at the positive qualities of the person/s in question, and think about how you can help everyone focus on these instead or to see it all in a different light.
After all it will only become a reflection on the self.
What makes you or they any better than the person/s in the gossip.
Who are you or they to judge?

Be wise, remove yourself and be free of it and the negativity won’t sink into your life.

Love and Blessings

Julie xx


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