This Week’s Food For Thought – Bringing Light

Dear All,

Just as there is night and day, there is light and dark in all things. And so there is of course some darkness in most human minds, we all have a shadow side, and because of this there is a dark component in most scenes and situations we see and face.

Why else is there so much unhappiness and sorrow in the world? We have to see and have felt sorrow, sadness and unhappiness to appreciate the good times and the good things, the laughter and the joy.

There are of course a minority of human beings who only want to bring in the dark, and mange too disrupt the lives of so many in all they do. They bring so much destruction and violence and cause so much sadness and grief. So few in number but so destructive as a force of evil or darkness.                                                                                                                                                             And then there are those who just revel in making lives miserable by mean words and un kind acts, done deliberately on a daily basis. Unhappy themselves they want to make all unhappy.

So how much value can be given to someone who is able to bring light and lightness to a place or a moment, where others have brought their dark?

Like a beautiful sunrise, or ray of light their presence and their words are priceless. It may only be a gentle smile of comfort, and act of simple kindness, an attitude of genuine interest, some words which diffuse an awkward moment, or make a sad person smile.

Those who stay light in spirit while others weave their dark are both illuminated and illuminators. Watch out for such a moment today where you may illuminate someone’s life, where you may be able to make someone smile, or do an act of kindness. Not because you want to be acknowledged as a light person or a good person, but because you can, we all can.

We can all do something to bring some light and goodness into the world, and to some one’s life who is less fortunate than you.

Be that light.



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