This Week’s Food For Thought – Catalyst for Change

 Change happens all the time change is a constant in our life, in nature, in the universe. Huge change can happen in a moment. Something happens and it is a catalyst for change.

This catalyst for change often comes when you least expect it..not even looking for it. It comes when it is time..! Time for change and time to act.
The universe has it’s mysterious ways to do this and is so good at it, and it seems to always know what’s best.

Sometimes we meet someone in life whom is our catalyst for change, they shake us to our core,  in good ways and in darker ways
They shake our belief systems, even our confidence, hey take us out of our comfort zones, they get through the walls we have built around ourselves.

They touch us deep within and start to unlock feelings, they can be good or dark feelings. They can unlock ideas and knowledge and more that we have had padlocked up deep inside ourselves knowingly and unknowingly. It makes us question everything.

They can be like a lost key that’s been found,  but you hadn’t realised was lost. They themselves are usually unsuspecting at the time of their role, but they rekindle our inner fire and  often it does theirs too.

We can’t fight it when it comes, we may try but resistance is usually futile, as things can never go back to how they were before the lock was opened.

Often  the catalyst isn’t a person but an incident, even a life threatening illness, but again the change is needed  it is time and it is usually to guide you to your path in life that you may have stumbled from or not been walking. It  happens to make you notice the world again and with feeling. To make you live again, bring you back to life, give you your zest back.

The time for the change however can sometimes be shocking and disturbing, dark confusing  and un comfortable, it may even make you retreat even deeper because it is so profound.

It will build you and as long as you trust yourself and have faith and learn that it is Ok to be vulnerable, that you are not alone and that it is ok to question things.

To believe you are an important and equal part in the jigsaw called life, that you matter and you need to live life to the full. That the vastness of the universe has so much to offer and we cannot beat it, as it evolves so do we  because we are it and change is the constant.


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