This Week’s Food For Thought – Celebrate Life

As we arrive at the beginning of 2012, we celebrate a new year and new beginnings, and yet everyday should be a celebration, as every day is a new beginning.

We should always put the past behind us, we cannot change it, but we can learn from our mistakes and our sorrows and sadness as well as our joy and happiness and the happy things that happened to us.

Instead of waiting for happy endings, and New Years for new beginnings, we need open our eyes to the wonder of life, to see the humour and magic in each moment. We should be happy even delighted in the way things turn out, amazed at the beauty of it all and the surprises and lessons we are given, the good and the not so good. We don’t just learn from the not so good but also from the good.

Let us hope that 2012 is a more peaceful, kinder year in the world and to each person on the planet.

I wish you all and you families a Wonderful and Blessed 2012, full of love, health, happiness and peace

Love Julie xx


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