This Weeks Food For Thought – Change can shake our Identity

Change can challenge our identity and shake us at our core. At our core, fear and shame and guilt often reside.
We are ashamed of our fears and afraid of our shame.
Fear , shame and guilt manifest differently for everyone as we co-create relationship dynamics.

The fear of change and what comes with it can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, but resistance to it is futile and will only cause pain and suffering. Change is a constant in our lives and in the universe, nothing ever stays the same.

Life and work transitions can be wonderful opportunities  to increase self-awareness, to tune into and manage our emotions and behaviour. This can help us to improve our personal and professional lives and our even our effectiveness.

A time of change can serve as a mirror – reflecting how we are choosing to show up in life, work, and relationships – and how our choices create our reality.


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