This Week’s Food For Thought – Change your thoughts, change your life


Most of us believe that the only way we can change our lives is through tedious work and drastic measures-retraining ourselves, breaking habits, divorcing ourselves from others, changing jobs or even moving to a new area. Many believe that we can’t change our lives as we are born to be poor, or to struggle, or say things such as ‘we should be happy with what we have got’ or ‘our class of people can never be rich or expect anything different’  or similar negative beliefs. In reality if you change your thoughts- you can change your live.  You just have to change the way you think or look at situation.

When you change the way you think, you’ll discover that your sadness, fear, frustration, anger and any other troubling feelings cannot last. Even nature can’t create a storm that never ends!

Ask yourself do your fears stop you from doing what you really want to do? Are you always defending or explaining yourself? Do you worry too much about what other people think? Are you growing tired of always fixing situations for everyone else? Are you ready to do something just for you?

Hidden in all the storms of your life is the peace you desire. You and only you can bring that peace, as it is within you. Only you can walk your life, and you have the complete power to think how you want to think.

If you change your thoughts, then you can and will change your life, and you are more than able to weather the storms and challenges in your own life as the changes happen. Don’t think nothing can change because everything can, you just need to think in the change. Think positive the storms can not last forever, and spring always comes Good Luck



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