This week’s food for thought – Christmas the season of goodwill

As a great swathe of the world celebrate Christmas over the next few days , it is a season and a  time of goodwill to all. I personally love this season and all that it brings.

The time with families, and friends, the giving and sharing and the receiving and the feelings that anything is possible. That miracles can and do happen, the magic feeling  in the air.

This time of the year celebrated in much of the world and a day meant for its message of hope

A time  which is meant to be spent with families, friends and loved ones

Let’s remember those less fortunate than ourselves…

Those who cannot be at home for many reasons… means.. imprisonment , the Soldiers and Sailors, to name a few

Lets also remember  those who have no home to go to…the many refugees around the world… the homeless…the lost

The very sick, the orphans  and the lonely..

Give  gratitude for all what you  have , and the fact you even have the freedom to be doing what you are doing at that moment.

Let this season of goodwill spread and last not just today or the next few days but let it last the whole year through and beyond.

I wish you all and all your loved ones good tidings of love and joy, memories  and beautiful  friendships to last a life time.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Julie xx


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