This Week’s Food for Thought – Dont delay just do it

I am very good at putting things off or procrastinating over things and I am sure many of you are too.

Why do we delay doing what we know we need to do?

Is it because we feel we ‘have to’ to do it?

Is it because we cannot clearly see the benefits of doing whatever it is?

Is it because we will need to move things from or in our comfort zone?

Is it because we are frightened of doing it in case we discover something we do not want to really know?

Is it because we fool ourselves into waiting till we feel like doing it?

Is it because we are just being lazy or can’t be bothered, or think it can wait I can do it tomorrow? Of course tomorrow never seems to come.


It’s probably a bit of all of those and maybe other reasons too if we admit it honestly.

The more we delay whatever it is we should be doing the more energy we waste. Just thinking or knowing we need to do something and yet don’t do it takes time and effort and creates a tension in our minds, a constant irritation that just grows.

As long as there is a gap between your thoughts and your actions then there will be an inner tension which is draining to your personal power and growth whether you are aware of it or not.

Best advice  Just do it !

Do it, delegate it or dump it! Simple really.




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