This Week’s Food For Thought – Ego the Barrier to Love

If you are holding things inside you and in your heart that are mean, angry, not true, or unloving they or it will eventually begin to act like a wall, obstructing the natural flow of love in and out of the heart and you.

People who say that there is no love in their life, are being blocked by this self imposed wall.

There is love there, there is always love but they just can’t accept it.

The ego is the clearest example of this. Our ego limits the flow of love by placing conditions on the love you give out and receive in.

Ego uses love to satisfy its own needs and desires. It produces a love which is deceptive, one which brings only temporary satisfaction.

Ego does not allow you to experience true love or share it.

Your ego is capable of destroying your ability to feel love altogether.

So let ask your ego to step aside or sit on your shoulder awhile, then open your heart to love, let go of the toxicity of anger and un-forgiveness and let the love in.

You attract back what you put out, think kind loving thoughts and see the return of love.



  1. Linda Over

    Wonderful as always, and ever so true, all of us have some hurtful stuff inside of us but until we can release it we cannot move one

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