This Week’s Food For Thought – Facing Your Dark Side

As people awaken to spirituality, many concentrate only on the positive and not the dark side, that is there with in us all…our shadow self.
However because we live in a realm or world  that is both light and dark just as we have a left and right side, just as there is day and night, we have a light and a dark side.
The dark side of us is where the negativity hides (in the shadows) Facing your shadow and uncovering what is hiding there is a necessary for your  growth, good health and happiness.
 Facing your shadow will enable you to truly live in your truth and be who you really are

Don’t judge your shadow side, for it is a part of you, embrace and love your shadow as a part of your whole. It is nothing to fear or be ashamed of, it is part of the beautiful self that is you.
Often you are told not to focus on the darkness as this only gives it power,  this is only true if you focus only on the darkness and nothing else.

If a negative thought or emotion surfaces, you should try to reflect on its origin or source and not suppress it , if suppressed, it will keep resurfacing in different way until it is confronted, dealt with and released.

Confront these memories, thoughts and actions by understanding their root cause, it may lie with someone else doing something or saying something to you.
It may lie with past disappointments or hurt,
It may arise from your own insecurities and fears,
It may be a pattern of egotism, addiction, prejudice, victimization, shame, violence, abuse or hatred.
Once you confront them and then accept them and love yourself enough to do so, then they will go and the toxic energy around them will also go.

Facing your shadow or dark side will bring you into balance and enable you to carry more light within.
Then as your inner light shines brighter, any associated negativity that resides with you will be brought to the surface and that too will dissolve and go. You will emerge brighter and brighter, healthier and happier.
Embrace and love the ‘whole of you’ and be who you truly are.




  1. Cathy

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    1. julielomas

      Dear Cathy,

      Thank you for your lovely kind words, they meant a lot! I am glad you enjoyed the post.
      My first book will be published at the end of September, I will put it on the blog,

      have a lovely day and once again thank you xx

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