This Week’s Food For Thought – Faith in yourself anf others

Having Faith in yourself and in others is sometimes difficult to obtain. You should always have faith in yourself, as you are capable of anything you wish to achieve. Yet so many have no faith in themselves. Having faith in others is often a struggle, especially if you are a person who just does everything themselves or micro manages etc. If there is a need to take responsibility for something, of course, you should. However, if someone else is in charge, or maybe it is not your business  then don’t get caught up in it.

If you want to help, you can still involve yourself in a more subtle way by having faith. Faith in others does a lot of work on subtle levels. Many times by giving them the benefit of your faith they will often surprise you in their abilities, if just given the chance and the space to do whatever they are doing.  Having faith doesn’t mean blind faith where you observe helplessly with fingers crossed. It means to be alert to what’s going on, then encouraging and where possible filling another with the assurance of your faith so they feel able to do whatever needs to be done. This means having faith, but also giving them the power of your faith. If the other person is open, honest and truthful, your faith in them  will work for them and in turn is will also work for you. This way we can learn to really help each other and make a positive change all around.



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