This Week’s Food For Thought – Finding Positive Evidence to create the life you want

We all have many questions, and we all want answers to them. You may have something you really want to do or achieve and but when you ask the questions you haven’t got the answer or maybe your own self belief system is sabotaging you.

When you ask your mind a question, it will search for an answer.

If you don’t really believe you can live your dreams or passions, then
you won’t, because you and your mind will find evidence not to support your

So why not ask yourself something different ?… why not ask yourself :-

‘What evidence can I find that maybe I CAN live my dreams and achieve the things I wish to achieve in this

When you find yourself worrying or upset or anxious, it’s because your mind has attached to a belief that something bad has
or will happen to  you or the situation.

Then your mind will search through all of  your experiences to find the evidence  that
this belief is true. And you will find or hear or see things that will affirm that belief. And so you will just carry on being upset or anxious, or not doing what you truly want to do.

One powerful way to change the beliefs that make your life miserable or not how you wish it to be, not achieving anything
you aspire too,  is to consciously think about what really matters to you, your dreams,  and then search for evidence that it could be
possible for you to create the  kind of life you really want to live, and your mind will work with you and will also
start to search of positive eveidence.

Start thinking positively and differently andsearch for that evidence and then let it in. It is just as easy as searching
for evidence to say you can’t.

Remember times in your life when you did achieve things you wanted to do, and remember how it felt, let it sink in, sit with it.

If you have dream of creating something or doing something different than the norm, look for positive evidence, Are there
people who have done what you want to do and been successful?.. of course there are !

Are there people who’ve done what no one else had done before and been successful? ….of course there are!

That is the way the world is and how it develops just as you develop and grow. Everything is in
constant change, and so therefore you too can change, must change.

Your life is yours, and you can achieve anything you wish, but you need to believe that anything is possible, really believe in
you, and you will see the positive evidence start to appear.


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