This Week’s Food For Thought – Healing Yourself

We all hold hurts and wounds stemming from childhood onwards. It seems to me the older we get the more we hold. The deepest wounds we carry are locked in our subconscious (out of our awareness). Deep memories and impressions all from unfinished experiences all rooted in the past.

 The pain from those wounds and past hurts will sometimes come to revisit and blocks us and our life in the present time. It usually comes with no warning and you think ‘Why, am I feeling this way’?  ‘Why, am I thinking like this’ ? Why am I doing this’  ‘I didn’t mean to do that’, ‘I don’t know what made me say  that.’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     You all know those moments and those times.

  Healing does not mean finding and treating every single inner wound and scar which sends it message to haunt us and mess up our life.  It means going even deeper inside ourselves, going past those wounds and scars, beyond those distant often forgotten memories of unfinished business.                                                                                                                                                                                 

 It means reaching deep inside, to our very core. There, deep inside we will we find the light and warmth of our own core qualities of love and peace.  They are forever present within us they are what we need to heal all our inner wounds.That’s why this kind of deep healing is called spirituality and not therapy.

 So  the next time you have one of these moments or times in your life, sit with it a short while, feel where it is coming from, then reach deep inside and go past it and find the love inside you; that is your core essence and heal it by surrounding it with the love and peace, as you do you will feel it release, and then you let it go.

There is freedom to be found in the deep spirituality of self healing.


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