This Week’s Food For Thought – If You Change Your Thoughts

If without warning, when you woke up one morning you had absolutely nothing to worry about, nothing to think about, and nothing to do,

 do you know what the world would begin to look like?
Yes you have guessed it, it would look exactly the same as it does right now.

If suddenly you had absolutely nothing to be afraid of, no fears at all real or imagined, do you know what you’d begin to look like right now?Yes you have guessed it, probably exactly the same, maybe a frown line less.

If suddenly you had absolutely no expectations to live up to and no one to disappoint, do you know how free you’d suddenly feel or be? Yes you have guessed it, the same.

So do you realise what this all means ?

It means the only thing that would really change is your thoughts and you don’t need circumstances or other people to help you with that, do you?

This means it’s time to get living your life, now, right now. Change your thoughts and you life will change too.

There are no more excuses, what are you waiting for?



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