This Weeks Food For Thought – In the heat of the moment

In the heat of battle or troubles, our human mind tends to sometimes lose its
balance because too many things confront us at the same time.

Things such as, unexpected setbacks, doubts and criticisms from your own internal
demons, as well as your allies.

So because of these things,  there’s a danger of responding emotionally, with fear, depression, or frustration.

It is vital to keep your presence of mind, maintaining your mental Stability and powers whatever the circumstances.

You must do your very best to actively resist the emotional pull of the moment
staying decisive, confident and even in some circumstances somewhat aggressive
no matter what hits you.

Learn to detach yourself from the chaos of the battle field and let the others lose
their heads and minds instead.

Your calm presence of mind will steer you clear of their influence and keep you on

Deep breaths and moments of pause, can enable you to be stronger and calmer inside
and see things more clearly.

You are never sent more than you can deal with, and it is your reaction to troubles
and battles that determine the outcome of your well being.

It is your choice to stay calm or to act in fear.



  1. Jean Sampson

    Hi Julie after meeting you for the first time today, and now your food for thought, I can only say it is great to be so inspired.. many thanks Jean Sampson

    1. julielomas

      Thank you Jean, and like wise, will email you later x

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