This Week’s Food For Thought – It’s Your Choice

People, including myself often say I had no choice….I didn’t ask for this, or that. The only thing we don’t really have a choice about is dying, we all die sooner or later, but we do have a choice in how we react to the art of dying, or the news we are dying.

Life is all about choices. When you cut through all the garbage, the thoughts, the beliefs etc, you see that every situation is a choice.

You and only you choose how you react to situations. It is actually you who chooses how people affect your mood.You and only you choose to be in a good mood or bad mood.You chose how to react to bad news, job loss, end of a relationship, the media, the news, the weather.

You choose to be happy or to be unhappy.You choose your own thoughts, no one else does. Your choice of thoughts and feelings are entirely your own.

 Life may throw us obstacles and challenges we don’t like, Life maybe very difficult at times, is very difficult at times, but it is our choice how we deal or think about it.

It is your choice how you live life, you either embrace it and enjoy it, or you sit in misery.

Even a prisoner has the choice of freedom of thought.

 Choose your thoughts carefully. Choose to be happy and you will be. 



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