This Week’s Food For Thought – Learning to adjust

There are many times when things happen in  our life we don’t like, or people behave in ways we don’t approve of agree with.
Very often when we find ourselves having to adjust to a person or a situation we don’t like, we will experience or feel many negative thoughts.

We find it difficult and tend to feel we are making this adjustment only for the other person’s benefit.
To adjust means to understand that sometimes nothing can be done to change a situation, and it is just easier and sensible to accept it.

Understand that if you adjust it will not just benefit others but you will benefit in the long run.

This is like crossing a physical obstacle;  One that you cannot move, so you have to find a way around it if  you are to progress.

Nothing is ever given to us that is not to help us with our spiritual growth and we learn with acceptance comes wisdom.

With wisdom then comes the inner peace and then clarity, and often ways around the situation.



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