This Week’s Food For Thought – Let Your Inner Wisdom Be Your Guide

 We all have so much to do, so many places to go, so many people to see, so much work to do etc.
Each day is filled with  hundreds of  choices and decisions or so it would seem, simple choice and big choices. From what to wear, what to eat, what TV program to watch, to life changing choices and decisions. Some of the big decisions you need to make however can come un-expectantly, without warning such as health choices and life altering decisions . 

When faced with really big decisions and choices it is best to let wisdom be your best guide.
Innate wisdom comes from three main places,  life experience, learning and our deepest intuition found deep with-in us. 

Every day  of our life is an opportunity to gather and use all these.
Experience comes from engaging with life, learning comes from observing, from watching and listening.
  Intuition comes from listening to ourselves.
Deep inside we have all the answers we need, the guidance we need, especially when making life choices and decisions.
You just need to take the time and sit quietly with yourself, listening to what your heart, your mind, your soul is telling you, guiding you to do.

At the end of each day sit down and write down what was the main experience of the day, what did I learn and what did I hear what did I see.

If there is a particular issue you need guidance on and you need to make a decision on, take the time to sit with it, and then do the same exercise as above. Sleep on it do not rush it. The answer will come, let wisdom and your deep innate knowing be your guide.

Listen to your inner self, your inner guidance…you will find it is worth it.

  Julie xx


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