This Weeks Food For Thought – Letting go of Emotions

We all have emotions, we all feel many different ones each day,
beautiful ones, peaceful ones, good ones, angry ones etc ..

Emotions can and do often feel uncontrollable, we have no choice
but to experience them, but how we experience them is our choice.

However to live by our emotions is to live under a dictators
rule, for they can ruin your peaceful, happy experience of life, if you so let

Acknowledge emotions for what they are, acknowledge them without
shame or guilt, or fear and then allow them to pass through you, like rain washing away the dust and the dirt on the road, or the wind blowing away the cobwebs and the clouds.

Maybe sit with them a while if you need to do…feel them and
then let them go…after all they are just feelings..just emotions…they are
energy…passing and interactive…so let them float by.

Remember that it is only with your permission that feelings can
change the way you behave, let only the emotions of good feelings fill your day
and your life and the feeling of love and peace will always be with you…It is
your choice..


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