This Week’s Food For Thought – Listen With Your Heart


The world at the moment seems to be a sad and angry place. The newspapers and media seem to be full of wars, violence, killing, hatred of each other all over the world, economies in crisis etc.

 It is very easy to become sucked in and depressed and it can make us angry and negative. This constant barrage of violence and negativity affects us on all levels and it affects our children and the future of us all. It is easy to see the negative and become defensive, and it seems a contagious disease of the 21st century.
Yet if we stop seeing with just our physical eyes and listening just with our physical ears and start seeing and listening with our hearts and inner selves we will see that in everything, goodness is there, our goal is to find it.
 In every person, there is good, our job is to recognise it or accept there is.
In every situation, positive is there, we just have to see it or find it, (don’t always look for the obvious). 
In every problem, no matter how big or small there is a solution, it is for us to provide it or help others to provide it.
In every setback, there is a lesson but success is there somewhere, it is our challenge to discover it.
There is a reason for every crisis, our challenge is to understand it.

Everything is usually just a little part of the big picture, that eventually unravels it’s self in time, when the time is right.
 By seeing the goodness and the positive in things, we will become enthusiastic and peaceful and our lives will be all the richer. Listen with and ‘see’ through your heart not just your ears and eyes.

Love and blessings

Julie xx


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