This Week’s Food For Thought – Live Your Life With Joy

We all seem to live such busy lives, so many of us it seems have no time to do anything except work, or run around after the kids.
Many people for the sake of making a living or doing what they feel they need to be doing, forget to live…don’t be one of them,
Remember to take time for yourself, because when you become disconnected from what is around you and what is part of you then nothing will seem right, or even go right.

It is important to take time to smell the roses, breathe the air, walk barefooted on the grass or the sand, walk in the rain, taste the coffee, taste your food.
Watch rainbows, watch a sunrise, or see the sunset, look at the starry sky at night, talk to the moon, reconnect to the world.
Eat ice cream or donuts or chocolate or something you love to eat and don’t worry about calories or whether it’s good for the diet or not, just enjoy it.
Play in the park with the children, swing on the swings, ride a bike, talk to the trees, sing out loud…paint a picture, dance wherever you are, do something you have always wanted to do even if a little crazy…enjoy your life, be alive…
Smile at everyone and everything, laugh out loud, sing out loud even if your don’t know the words of the song just sing whatever. Do a kind deed, be kind, it is always possible to be kind and it may mean the world to someone in need.

And notice what is around you…you may be surprised.. you may even hear whispers in the wind and answers to your questions…..enjoy your life it is the only one you have!!!

Love and Peaceful Blessings


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