This Week’s Food For Thought – Missing Your Life

This Week’s Food For Thought – Missing Your Life

How often have you wished or perhaps right now wish you were somewhere else?
I know I often do.

The fact of the matter is you can only be in one place at any moment in time.                                                                                       If you feel you are missing out on something then you are, however it’s not being with another person, or in another country, or at the party etc that you’re missing, it’s actually your own life.                                         

As long as you are thinking of where you could be, or wish you were with etc, you are making yourself absent from where you are now, not totally in your life. It really means you are nowhere.                           

Many people spend their entire life in ‘nowhere’. Never really fully present in their own life. It is not a good choice to make.
Your life is where you are and it is where you are meant to be. Enjoy the moment be fully present in your life and don’t wish your life away. It is the only one you have and you don’t know when it will be over. Life is too short to wish it away.


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