This Week’s Food For Thought – Open or Closed Mind

Dear All

All of us have a mind and many types of thoughts pass through it every minute of our waking day. Our thoughts paint our life and our well being and of course our relationships with others and with the world.

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open when closed you head for a disaster or at least an very unhealthy damaging landing.

It never ceases to surprise me how quickly we make assumptions and jump to conclusions  and close our mind, we seem to be very good at doing this.

It is surprising how easily we form and hold fast to our opinions and then close our mind to anything else, even when we do not have all the information or facts.

How fast do we make  judgements, stick on a label and then close our mind to any other possibility.

A closed mind never will never know the real wonders of other opinions and options in life and the possibilities of a different view and even more peaceful insight of the inner self.

A closed mind misses the opportunity to be enlightened by others points of view and  enjoying the diversity of human life.

To have an open mind is to exist in more harmony. An open healthy mind does not assume or jump to conclusions or be judgemental, it won’t hold fast to any opinion, it will always be willing to see things from different angles and perspectives.

A closed mind is not a very relaxed mind and can make a person at the least very grumpy, angry and even bitter.

An open mind brings you more peace and insight and a willingness to accept and understand that we are all unique and everyone has a different role to play in life. Life becomes so much more pleasant and enjoyable and you grow in new knowledge and viewpoints always.


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