This Weeks Food for Thought – Orderliness of nature and change

Dear All

In these turbulent times, when our lives as we know it are disrupted, when disasters strike which are  manmade and natural,  change is faster than ever and yes even ugly in some of the happenings. 

We need to trust that everything has a reason, and not focus on the chaos.  Keep your mind open to the bigger picture that is emerging or will emerge as days and weeks go by.  Remind yourself of the greater good behind everything. Heartless that may seem at times when we think of Japan at the present time, but something good will come of it, it always does.

If possible don’t struggle against the disorder as hard as that may be.   The universe / nature  always uses disorder to bring about new answers.

The order imposed by the mind is ugly compared to the beautiful order that nature herself  brings. There is a timeless  orderliness in Nature, which means all complex things can be and are so often  effortlessly arranged or changed.

Consciousness flows where it is needed

With Love



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