This Week’s Food For Thought – Overcome Procrastination

This Week’s Food For Thought – Overcome Procrastination

 I do it all the time, and I know many of you reading this do too, that’s to procrastinate.

 We have all heard the old adage ‘Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today’ and yet we still do. We all do it for many different reasons.

 Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday and for even longer periods of time.

 Procrastination is not only the thief of time, it is also the creator of subtle inner tension. You know you are cheating yourself and it depletes our energy reserves. It is always there in the back of your mind niggling away taking energy and taking space in the mind.

 Simple ways to overcoming procrastination.

A. Don’t wait till you feel like doing it, that time may never actually arrive, however the feeling will come when you start actually doing it, so just start.

B. List all the things you have to do and then prioritise the list, delete anything that really is not necessary and does not actually need doing, then just forget about those.

C. In your mind create a vision of the result and be motivated by the vision of the outcome, not the thought of the process. It is often the thought process that usually prevents us from actually doing!

D. Imagine how you will feel when it is done…sit with it..feel the relief…and the achievement.

 If you need to for any particular reason ask for help.  If it is asking for help that is the actual procrastination, ask yourself what can the person/s actually say to you. It can either be yes or no…if no then ask someone else, or let it go.

 Ask yourself why you are procrastinating – the answers may surprise you, then do it, or forget about it fully.

 Are you worried about the answer? and if the answer may not be what you want it to be? Procrastinating will only hold you in that draining energy of not knowing longer and the longer it goes on the more of a drain it will be. At least you will have the answer and you can then look for another solution or way forward.

 Ask yourself if there is anything you can learn from the process then see it as action learning.

 Those are a few simple ideas to stop procrastination, you yourself may have other ideas.



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