This Week’s Food For Thought – Peace Within

We are all unique individuals with divine free will and choice. Yet we are all connected, the world and universe couldn’t exist in its present moment by moment state without you. You are part of its energy and you have a part to play you are a part of the jigsaw of life as it is at this moment in time.

Think of human kind a tree, each one of us is connected with the seed which belongs to the same tree.

The beauty of the tree is that it has many different branches and on each branch numerous leaves, unique and individual leaves, and the tree is beautiful because of it, all growing together and shinning together, breathing together.

All individuals are different and have their own role to play.

If you think about what we all as humans have in common you will appreciate every human being for who they are.

We all have with-in us the power to make a positive difference because we are all part of the same tree, the same source. We can all change the world, because we are the world.

This is the key to remain at peace with yourself and the world, you are the world.






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