This Week’s Food For Thought – Personal History

We all have personal history, we all have things we either don’t want to remember, wish we had never done, or wish had never happened etc.
The dead weight of our past is like a ball and chain, it is heavy and stops us moving on, stops our happiness.
 It stops us from being here now,  it stops us from seeing what we need to understand here and now and from doing what we need to do, it stops us from truly living.
It blocks our ability to meet others with fresh eyes and an open mind, and to be our real self.
It stops us enjoying life and the people who come into our lives .

Even worse is the constant telling to others our story.
We mistakenly think it is vital to their understanding of life and your relationship with them and the world.

What people so often don’t realise it that the re-running of their personal history often is killing their own freedom.
For they are living in the past and the energy that holds them there.
Freedom has no history! Freedom is now, the moment, the now.

Most people’s stories are already built on an illusion that they are someone whom they are not!
They are an identity that isn’t really them at all.
They are an identity built on social conditioning and belief systems, not the real inside person.

If you let go of  your personal history, the victim role, the if only, or if I had been, etc
you free yourself of heavy laden baggage, you free your mind to new energy and a bright future of love and hope and worthiness.

If you don’t have a story you do not have to live up to it.
You don’t have to carry on playing victim or whatever role you portray yourself as.

So embrace your past history, learn the lessons and then let it go, every day not just today.
Start to live, each day is a new day and a new beginning.
The past is gone and the future is not here
all we have is the now!


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