This Weeks Food for Thought – Questions to ask yourself

We all have challenges in life, life would be a boring place if we didn’t. How we
deal with these challenges is up to us, what we learn from them is up to us. Do
we stay a victim or do we pick ourselves up and move on.

I have learnt it is better to spend more time on the who rather than the what,
and to be grateful for everything that comes your way and for you own life,
there are always people worse off than you, just take a look around you, I
would not swap my life for anyone else’s.

What you do will always be less important than who you become. Knowledge is great, a wonderful thing to have but it will never take you as far as your courage, your integrity, your reputation as someone who keeps his or her word, will always help, your kindness and compassion or your commitment to be of help and service to others in an important way.

As you go through life, you will face challenges and obstacles that is life, so when you do you could try the following exercise, it may even be a good habit to make. Ask yourself these questions, write them down and the answers, you will be surprised at what happens with in.

How can I grow from this experience?

What qualities of character am I being called to develop?

How can I use this event to make me a better person?

Finally Follow your heart. Pay far more attention to what
you think than what everyone else thinks, do everything with love from your
heart, and you will soon be a much happier person, and those around you will gain
too .



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