This Week’s food For Thought – Seeds of our Thoughts

This Week’s Food For Thought – Seeds of our Thoughts

So often we go through life without thinking about how things function, we just take things for granted. We take for granted that the sun will rise daily, the seasons will turn, the moon will shine, the tides will turn etc. We probably rarely think about the wonders of the world at all and how it all runs.

We expect life to run smoothly, we expect things to work, we expect the bus or the train to be on time, we expect the shops to be filled with food, forgetting the farmers who toil and grow it. The drivers who deliver it and the many people involved.
We expect the electricity to be continuous, the water to run from the tap, petrol in the pumps to fill the cars to name but a few things.

It is often said ignorance is bliss, yet it is ignorance that has us believe that life functions haphazardly.  Then comes wisdom….wisdom teaches us that everything that happens in this play of life has profound significance. What we see today is not the fruit of chance but a fruit from seeds planted in the past. No matter what plane of thought you think on, or what you are thinking about it all stems from those seeds of thought or acts.

  If we plant seeds of peace now, we can and will create a life of peace in the future. Start with yourself, then your children and that which is close to you. We can’t change the whole world single handed, but we can change our own world and that will trickle outwards. Let us create a more peaceful world from today.


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