This Week’s Food For Thought – Self Management

Dear All,

I often think we are missing a great learning where our education is concerned. We are taught how to read and write, about history and geography and lots of other stuff we never seem to use again except for the exam at the time. Yet life has so much more to offer, is about so much more and we all struggle with so many things as we grow.

Our parents and peers teach us what they were taught or what they know. Society teaches us what we are supposed to do to conform. Government and organized religion think for us and decide what we can and can’t do, but to who made those rules?.
We are all very unique beings and we all have a part to play in this jigsaw of life and we all have fears and doubts and emotions and we are all here to grow spiritually in some way.

Yet in our education no one teaches us about the skills and abilities of self- management, how to manage our own thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviour, so we often find it hard to manage relationships, our roles, responsibilities and resources and we forget or never realise that we are our own realities. That our emotions and our minds control our lives, our health our wellbeing. We are what we think.

We all need to consciously choose the quality of our thoughts. So from today, accentuate only the positive, eliminate the negative and clean up the waste. Clear out what does you no good, what you don’t need. Think for yourself and think with love, think with your heart and take care of yourself, your spirit your soul. The good will follow.
Everything in your life, begins with your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your life. Change the way you view things, change your perspective and suddenly the world changes, everything changes. You make your reality how you want it to be. This is self management.

With love and peaceful blessings

Julie xx


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