This Week’s Food For Thought – Speaking Up

So often in life many people do don’t speak up for themselves, often because they are frightened of the repercussions, or do not think have a right to speak up as they are not worthy enough and many other reasons.
Often this trait stems from childhood, when you were told ..not to ask questions, not to answer back, do as your told, that the teacher knows best etc.
Your parents will have taught you what they were taught by their parents and peers.
Religious and cultural beliefs, class status passed down through the ages can and often do also affect people’s sense of not speaking up for themselves and sense of confidence to do so.

When we learn to speak up for ourselves, we then often feel compelled to speak up for others who haven’t yet found their own voice, or are unable to speak up for social reasons.

When we learn to stop tolerating bad behavior, and start to stand up for ourselves we later start to have a more difficult time allowing that same bad behavior to happen to others. 
So we start to speak up for them and help them to help themselves.

When we accept a higher standard of living, we can’t help but want that same standard for others, too.

As we grow and become more mature and spiritually aware people, we begin to understand that we’re all connected and that we have a responsibility to care for one another. That everyone deserves to be treated with care and respect. 

For those of you that can, speak up graciously, kindly and loudly.  When you do, everyone will win…


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