This Week’s Food For Thought – Stop Worry

We all worry at points in our lives, it seems to be a very common pass time. Many worry about everything and many seem to worry if they have nothing to worry about. Why do we worry ? The energy of worry is draining and does absolutely nothing at all to help anything or anyone, it just makes you tired , worn down and fuzzy in the head, not to mention the affects it has on your health.

Worry is otherwise known as ‘fantasised catastrophising’ where we create an imagined usually not pleasant image of the future and then use it to then frighten ourselves! Over 90% of what we worry about never happens.

You need to become aware that you are doing this, then stop doing it, otherwise the image will become a self fulfilling prophesy.

Imagine only the brightest happiest future, you don’t have to worry about that and so it will be.

Stop the negative thinking, because you can stop, but only you can do it for yourself.

There is nothing to worry about, unless you are under the illusion that your well-being, happiness, security etc are dependent on material things.

If they are, then you will have many ways in which you can create worry, you can worry about possible loss, damage, separation, ill health, uncertainty to name a few things

Why do you want to slowly kill yourself with worry, worry is just the misuse of your imagination. It has no positive use, ask yourself how it helps you, or better still how does it make you feel?

The energy of worry is poison. Don’t do it, it is not worth it.

Think positive or don’t think at all.

Love Julie xx



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