This Weeks Food For Thought – The Truth Shall Set You Free

The famous quote ‘The truth shall set you free’…doesn’t
refer to a secret truth about life or freedom that is hidden in a secret book
somewhere in a forgotten library or on a book shelf that is just for show.

It doesn’t mean only certain people can know the secret and we need to belong to some secret sect or a certain religion or have certain beliefs.

It is about self awareness on both a spiritual level and the
everyday living level.

It means you wake up to life…  and see what is around you and you start to live …to open up your heart and mind.

When you become conscious you become aware of the truth
inside yourself,  that you are free, to choose your responses to everything in life, to live without fear, without self hatred, without  loneliness, and you are
free to experience joy, tranquillity and love…

love after all heals
everything…we are all free…it is just a choice you make not to be…!!


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