This Weeks Food For Thought – The Wonder of Silence

When the soul goes deep into silence, peace starts to emerge. The deeper you go into
silence, the greater your power of self discovery comes, and with it  come, tolerance, compassion & forgiveness.

It is in very deepest silence that the soul becomes elevated.  It is in this very deep, silence that you connect again with your true essence, or as many say your soul.

The tiredness and weariness of the soul will then be removed.

When the soul is tired it is restless and there is a lot of worry and the worry grows,
and all the problems and feelings we have can become out of control as we
become disconnected;

All we think of is, I have to do this, and that and what if etc, so much so that and so we cannot feel restful, or find peace.

All you have to do is to step into your own silence, reconnect with your essence, to remain peaceful and there will be the feeling that everything will be ok.

There in the well of silence, your soul will rest, the answers you ask for may be planted in your brain, in your heart, in your soul.

You may hear the answers to your questions whispered in the sound of the silence,

You will be touched by the sound of silence, touched by the feeling of peace and you will be refreshed.

Practise being silent, even just a few minutes of the day. Sit in silence, no Music, no TV, No Noise, Sit out in nature, Sit by the sea shore. Close your eyes, breathe deeply..feel the silence..let it fill you…and let the peace come through..



  1. Sam

    The talk …. Writings are too much impressed. It is absolutely true to follow. When the mind comes to silence, it feels weightless … a kind of enjoyment or a feeling which I cannot define.
    Keep it up.


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