This Week’s Food For Thought – Trust Yourself First

We are all I am sure at times too trusting, at other times find it hard to trust
anyone or anything. Trust is a very serious issue in life, yet we all do need
to trust that all is well and all is how it is meant to be. To go through life
never trusting anything means to live a sad and insecure life.

Relationships seem to be the main cause of trust issues. In any relationship trust is the first thing to leave and the last to return.

If you remember  that the most important relationship you will ever have is
with yourself, then you can perhaps  start some trust building close to home.

Make and keep a promise or a commitment to yourself, however small, and it is
probably best to start small!  Make one promise today and keep that one today. Then again tomorrow and the next day.

You will soon notice the surge of inner power  and even pleasure and peace
with yourself as a result.  See how much more you like and maybe love yourself as a result.

Trust is being built and it starts first with you.

Everything starts with the self…love yourself…trust yourself..and everything else starts
to fall into place.

Help yourself, love yourself and then you can help  and love others.

Trust yourself to do this…if you can’t trust yourself how can you expect others to
trust you?

Until next week I leave you in the trust that I know you can do it :

Love yourself your worth it.




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