This Week’s Food For Thought – What we expect

Sometimes what we expect or even want for others is not what they want for themselves…

maybe not even best for them… Even with love and our very best intention we should not impose our will…

It is their choice what they want for themselves, everyone has their own life path to follow, they will get where they need go when they are ready…..

You may believe you know what is best for them, but it maybe deep inside in your subconscious it is what  you wish for yourself, and so then project it to others.

You cannot be happy if you live your life through others, by making choices for them, pushing them in directions they do not want to go or buying their time and energy.

You cannot be a success yourself if you expect others to do what you want them to do, when really it is what you want to do yourself in some way.

It will only cause unhappiness and pain to all concerned.

We all have our own path to walk, and some people just take longer than others to walk it, but it is their choice only…

Live your own life and enjoy it, it is after all the only life you have…


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