This Weeks Food For Thought – When you are in turmoil


Winston Churchill said……..When you are going through hell keep going…..

If you are in a sad or difficult place in your life, standing still wont help, sometimes we become frozen in fear…fear of the unknown and of what is happening….standing still wont help…

Going backwards will not help either because you would again come back to the same place….
At these times we do have to keep going forward as painful as it may be, for you will come through it…

We are never in darkness, even when it appears to be night, the light is always within us…..tap in to that light and you will find the courage and the strength to carry you through…

Breathe…Ground yourself, connect to the earths energies maybe take you self to a quiet place in the garden, park, beach, forest anywhere for a while and just will feel better and you will be able to think more clearly…and then able to act in a more positive way.



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