This Week’s Food For Thought – Words and our Behaviour

Words! The world is full of words. Communication is mainly words.

They are all around us, we see them everywhere, they are part of everything, I use them, people use them, and we often feel them. This message is all about words.

Harsh words, soothing words, biting words, kind words, doing words, words that give pain and sorrow and sadness, words that give joy and pleasure, words to destroy and build people, inspiring words, demeaning words.
Words are very vital to communication, to make our lives run, to make the world run as we know it.

When words are spoken and written there are reactions, negative and positive.
Words can trigger thoughts, or fire up emotions and actions of all kinds.
Words colour our behavior and our world.

So it is vital that we pay attention to the words we use. They not only affect us but those around us.
The old Adage ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, is true in its pure sense, as the words themselves can’t hurt us, but the energy around them can if we take them as real, or it catches us un aware.

In these days of a world full of media negativity, anger, greed and aggression, have you noticed how rare but lovely it is to hear words that are calm and free from aggression and negativity.
Have you noticed how when you hear these words of calm and positivity the words lift the soul and leave you with renewed energy and you ‘feel’ better, happier, and uplifted.

You too can find these words of calm if you find and see the best in people and situations and ignore the aggression, walk away from it, and don’t feed it.

Watch your words, especially those you say about yourself and then others.
Refuse to be harsh and hard, only speak and hear the kind ones, the calm ones, and see how your world changes.


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