This Week’s Food For Thought – Your Relationship as a Trustee

We all have a relationship with everything and every ones
relationship with each other is different.

Obviously the relationship we have with the people and objects
in our immediate environment is more intimate than what we have with the  rest of the world.

For most of us the most common relationship even if we probably don’t
think so is possession. In our minds we think we own and possess things like
cars, Iphone’s, Computers, houses, boats, furniture, clothes, shoes, motor
bikes, golf clubs etc.

Which then easily spreads into jobs, status, tasks and positions
etc. And then it even spreads to people and perhaps even other people,
we say things such as “I want you”, and “You are mine
alone”, ‘I never want to share you’, ‘you belong to me’, …and these tales
become the  story of many books , and romantic
film scripts and songs, and poems.

What we don’t seem to realise or choose to forget is that this relationship is wrong, because it is not
possible to possess anything.  We can care for people and things, but we can’t posses them.

You can’t take them or it with you when you pass on as we so often say!

It is the idea of possession which lies at the heart of all
fear, war and conflict, and conflict with-in ourselves.

Fear of loss, or fear of not acquiring what we have already decided is ours or what we think we want or
need to have a happy life in our minds causes anguish.

It is better to think of our relationships with people and with
things as a relationship of a trustee, this then will dissolve or take away
most if not all of the fear.

Everything comes to us in trust, for us to use and then to set
it free. The energy consciousness of a trustee sets us free of the tension of
thinking we can possess.

To see ourselves as trustees of everything that we receive, including our bodies is a much more relaxing
way of relating to the things which we are privileged to receive in life, and
those we share it with. It honours them all and our self at the same time


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