This Week’s Food For Thought – Rebuilding Relationships

It’s easy to snap and to gossip or speak negatively when we do not like something about someone or they have done something to us we do not like.

We as human beings often react without thinking and become angry and even bitter towards people  (even to institutions, organisations, countries etc)

Our words and behaviour become negative or insulting and it is amazing how quickly these negative behaviours grow and infect all around and our life, health  and well being. This further widens the gap damaging the relationship further.

When someone does something that we don’t like or offends us, or hurts us etc, we first need to understand the behaviour. Every person has a reason to behave the way he or she does even if we don’t or cannot understand it at the time.

The more we react to the other person and the bad behaviour, the greater the distance between us becomes and the deeper the rift and the antagonism.

To mend the relationship we need to remind our self of the other person’s good qualities, and that they too have a life journey to follow that we do not have to understand, that we cannot know how they feel, and they may have many battles and issues to face in their life, just as you do and we all deal with them differently.

We are all linked to each other, we are all part of the same universal energy, and each person has a role to play, they are playing their role in your life and your learning, understanding and growth, just as you are playing a role in their life.

So when faced with a difficult situation or something negative with a relationship, step back and take a few breathes before reacting, and remember we all have bad days and we all have good days, and really their reaction is to do with them not you, and your reaction is about you not them.



  1. Musarat Hashmi

    JUlie.. we said and well defined , the anger and shouting and distance and how to mend it .. in some unfortunate situation its all about ONe person having CONTROL and power.. and the other to just Abide and be the yes person .. what is the suggestion for that situation

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