Watch your Thoughts they are Energy

Watch your thoughts, they are energy and they become words, Do your best to think only good ones, say only good words, positive words

Watch your words, all words are powerful, they become actions and they in turn can become beliefs,

don’t say words like, try or can’t , use only positive ones like I can

Watch your actions, be aware of what you do, actions often become habits and habits are hard to change,

so be aware and make only good habits, they also become your beliefs about yourself!

Those beliefs then become part of your character. You believe what you think, say and do about yourself,                                              you then reinforce it constantly without realising what you do, be aware!

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny and you paint your own canvas.                                                                                                   You make your own destiny, paint it well, in bright beautiful colours, full of love, beauty and grace.

You are the only one responsible for you. Value yourself and love yourself, then you can  value and love all others.

The energy of you will change and like the ripple effect it will change all around you.

Good Luck

Julie Lomas  x

Julie Lomas

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