When someone is not at their best

We all have down days, bad days, sad days.

We all make mistakes, or go through bad times. Often feeling like were at fault and then feeding that feeling.

When someone’s not at their best, help them, notice the best in them.

To do this you can ask yourself: What’s is one of the qualities I appreciate in this person?

Then ask yourself what small success you have noticed this person achieve today, it may be as small as they smiled or dressed in a beautiful colour.

Notice these successes and qualities, however small. Keep them in your mind every time you think of them or interact with them.

Remind them of their worth, by doing this you will slowly begin to draw the best out of them and help them feel good again.

It could be you next time and you would appreciate the same kindness.

Feed the positive  in everyone including yourself.


Julie Lomas

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