When you wake up someday


We are all very good at putting things off, thinking I will do that next month or next year, there’s plenty of time.

And then suddenly you have reached 65 or 75 or 80 and you never did write your memoirs, autobiography, or that novel that was inside you dying to be written. Or you didn’t go swimming in warm oceans, or pools or lakes and sit under water falls because your thighs were too jiggly or legs too fat, or because your nice big tummy was well…too big and your arms were too flabby. Or you didn’t go sailing on the high seas, or climb a mountain, because you thought you couldn’t, or weren’t brave enough, or that there was plenty of time to do it.

Or you were just so strung out on perfection and people pleasing, or worrying what other people would think, that you forgot to have a creative fun life, full of imagination and silliness and laughter and silly antics, and adventures and spontaneity. Or perhaps you were always just staring off into space and day dreaming and fantasying like you did as a child, but not putting things into action.

It’s going to break your heart’ if this happens and time runs out… the regrets will be heavy … we can’t bring back time.

Don’t let this happen to you. Start right now enjoy your life, let go of the self-imposed limiting beliefs and live!

Good Luck

Julie xx



Julie Lomas

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