Wisdom and Attitude

Wisdom is the learning then sharing of our experience, knowledge and common sense. Knowledge isn’t knowledge if it isn’t shared. Common sense needs to be applied in all things.

We all have the ability to keep going even when we face major challenges in our lives.

Then it comes down to our attitude.

We can have a positive attitude towards life, or a negative attitude.

We can focus on the good or we can focus on the bad. It is your choice.

We can play the victim, and wallow in self pity and the past for the rest of our days

Or we can pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and start again.

We can learn from the lessons, the experience and observe the outcomes, this becomes wisdom.

Wisdom is often gained from pain, nothing is gained from staying a victim

Keeping a positive mental attitude is one of the keys to success. to health and happiness.

The choice is always yours.


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