Your Authentic Self

People often say to me they wish they could say what they want to say without thinking they are going to upset someone, so swallow their words instead. Or don’t speak up when they see an injustice, or in the work place don’t say what they want to say or share ideas in the fear of appearing foolish or rocking the boat.

I remember when I would feel paralysed by the possibility of something I said or did being taken wrongly by someone, or cause things to go wrong.

This often caused me to sometimes have  non-participation paralysis,  then feeling upset or frustrated with  myself afterwards. (it still happens sometimes even now)

What I learnt over the years, by reading, by listening, by  attending workshops and seminars and also in my own work , was basically to sit quietly and tune into the motivation of my actions, or what I wanted to say or do and my thoughts.

If they were good thoughts or ideas etc. I would action them, then leave the rest /results to the greater powers of the universe /God whatever.

I learnt and understood quickly that we really can’t control the reactions of others we can only control our own actions and thoughts.

Others will always see a reflection of themselves in us and our actions, both in the good and not so good, even if they don’t realise it at the time.

I try not to get too elated or pleased when others see their own light, beauty and abilities reflected in me or my work, likewise I also don’t get  too low when they see their shadows in my shadows. I also don’t get too upset if their shadow are also projected onto me, it does happen.

In the end we have to be our authentic selves . That is the only way we can fulfil our lives, feel comfortable and happy. It is the only way we can make that positive difference . Only you and your own God  can be the judge of you and your actions. Be true to yourself, be your authentic self.

Best wishes


Julie Lomas


  1. Alexandra

    Hey ?? reading your blog is inspiring and look forward to it every day !????

  2. Alexandra

    Hey ?? reading your blog is inspiring and look forward to it every day !????

    1. Julie Lomas

      Thank you

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