Workshops with Julie 

I am available for private consultations on Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp please contact me directly.

Angelic Guidance –  May /June

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Meditation – can be done privately on line – c0ntact me for an appointment.

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October & November  

The Value of  ‘Who I Am” building Self Esteem

Angelic Healing

Chakra Balancing with Crystals

New workshop  – Divining with crystals to guide your future

Crystals for Hormones and Menopause

Jikiden Reiki Bahrain 

Reservations essential 

50bd non returnable deposit will secure your place

Dates for Jikiden Reiki  

Jikiden Reiki  Shoden (level 1) Class  – Bahrain (2 Days )

Date :     (shoden Level 1)

Time :   10am – 530pm

Cost :

Limited numbers .

Please contact me directly to register or book your place.


Jikiden Reiki Okuden (level 2 )Class – Bahrain ( 1Day) 

Date : November

Time : 10am – 530pm

Cost :

You must have completed level 1 Shoden to attend this class.

Limited numbers

Please contact me directly for details. 00973 39606712 WhatsApp message only


In Jikiden Training You Will Learn:-

SHODEN (Level 1) –  

 The first level of Jikiden Reiki you will receive 3 Reiju (attunements) and learn how to use Reiki to treat any physical condition, disease or injury. The content of the 2-day workshop includes:

• What is Reiki, how it works with the body’s natural healing  systems
• How to give Reiki treatments in professional & domestic situations
• The history of Reiki, meaning and background to the Japanese

Characters and 1 symbol
• How to detect and treat areas with high areas of toxins using byosen
• First aid techniques using koki, gyoshi & bushu
• The blood rejuvenation technique (Ketsueki Kokan).

• Exercises to practice and develop your sensitivity (Hatsurei Ho)
• Practice giving Reiki treatments


       OKUDEN (Level 2 ) –       

 * Receive 2 more Reiju’s
* Learn to use Reiki specifically for psychological issues.
* Learn how to do distance Reiki
* Learn variations of distance Reiki for easier self-treatment including

psychological issues.
* Practice sessions and practical demonstrations.


You need to complete Shoden level before you can take Okuden level. It can be taken together straight after your initial Shoden training.

Upon completion of your training you will receive an English certificate, followed at a later by a Japanese certificate issued by the Jikiden Institute in Kyoto. You will be able to treat a variety of problems issues with those you give Reiki too.

Jikiden Reiki Okuden (level 2)

Date : November

Time : 10am – 530pm

Venue : Julies Place Budiayia

Cost  : bd

OKUDEN (Level 2 ) – November  

 * Receive 2 more Reiju’s
* Learn to use Reiki specifically for psychological issues.
* Learn how to do distance Reiki
* Learn variations of distance Reiki for easier self-treatment including

psychological issues.
* Practice sessions and practical demonstrations.

You need to complete Shoden level before you can take Okuden level. It can be taken together straight after your initial Shoden training. Upon completion of your training you will receive an English certificate, followed at a later by a Japanese certificate issued by the Jikiden Institute in Kyoto. You will be able to treat a variety of problems issues with those you give Reiki too.

Reiki is about ‘’YOU’’ bringing peace and happiness to your mind and soul.

The art of inviting happiness


Balance and energise your Chakras with Crystals – Bahrain

*Learn about the Chakra System

*What each Chakra does

*Balance and energise with Crystals

*Hands on Practical workshop

Date : October DTD

Venue  : 8 Mansions, Country Mall, Budayia

Time : 230pm -530pm

Cost : 38/- bd  – early bird discount 28/- BD

Reservations essential Call TEL 17594575 or email


Private sessions with me can be booked anytime.

Private group workshops on-line can be booked at anytime. Please let me know what you require and we can arrange it.

Holistic Life Coaching – on going please contact for an appt.


Greek Healing Retreat

Finding your Inner Smile and Connections

With Julie Lomas  & Frank Arjava Petter


Date :  27th September – 1st October  2024

Venue : Eressos – Lesvos Island Greece

*This retreat will be limited in number and will sell out as it always does so be sure to book early* .

The proximity of the Mediterranean, the relaxed atmosphere and the good food will make it easy for you to relax deeply into yourself. The accommodation is in typical Greek style, is simple, comfortable, relaxing, and spotlessly clean, air-conditioned, has a garden to sit in and wonderful hosts. A few hundred yards from the beach. The retreat venue where you will be taken each day for the retreat experience is set in a Franks beautiful Olive Grove, overlooking the Blue Mediterranean Sea, with nature for your companion.

The retreat is all about ‘YOU’ and will help you to explore who you are, what your story is, what stories you tell yourself and others- and then go beyond that. You will be encouraged to stand in your own presence with ease and playfulness and be confident with who you really are. Bringing your smile to your inner being.

Each day there will be time for silence, meditation, for contemplation, for delving deeply into yourself, for growth, for learning, for creating adventure, for laughter and for being ‘YOU’ and finding that inner smile.

We will use many methods to help you. This will be enjoyable, fun and relaxing. Above all it will bring you an inner sense of peace and understanding of yourself.                                        Besides that you will learn many useful tools to take forward into your life.

Julie and Frank have a treasure trove of experience and wisdom to share with you and they will encourage you to have fun, enjoy, relax, heal and smile.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Lesvos.            


Days start at 10 am and finish around 430pm

27th September  Day One – Your Story – Your Soul – Who are you ?    

10 am – Start

Introduction getting to know each other.

Who are you?  Looking at Identities, beliefs and Values & the masks we wear

Letting go of Guilt/Anger/Envy / Worry/Stress/Trauma

Activity – Hidden Talents – group activity – building confidence – Fun – finding out about you.


28th September  Day Two –  Who am I  – Clearing Energies in and around us  

10 am Start

The mind: your greatest enemy and your greatest treasure.  Learn to use the mind when needed and to shut it off when it is in the way of being.  Clean up your life.   If you were to die today, what would you regret? What did you always want to do and never did?

Letting go of limiting beliefs about the self.

Meditation – Who’s voice is this

Activity  –  The value of  “Who I am’’

Understanding darker forces and energies within us and around us

Afternoon Activity – Crystal Therapy – Crystals for Balancing and Healing the Body. Releasing unwanted and evasive energies that are lodged or hooked into the physical and etheric bodies from other people and the environment. Enlightening, releasing and profund.

1.Clearing Negative Energies from the Aura and those hooked in the bodies energy fields

  1. Clearing Negative Energies from within the body
  2. Crystals for protection, love and grounding.


29th September – Day Three –  Your Connections to Ancestors, Past lives, Earths Elemental Energies, Dealing with fears

10am Start

Beyond the physical body and mind, learn to look at, connecting with the earth energies around us.

Past lives and Ancestors – how they may effect us and how to work with the wisdom learnt from them.

Connecting and Working with Elementals

The Magic of Faerie, The element of Earth (They help us through fears and lighten us up) Dragons, (Teach us about our Power and Earthing)                                                                                 Sylphs the element of Air   (they teach us the power of our thoughts ) and other Earth energies  taking us through our fears, Lifting us out of limiting beliefs.   Meeting with Earth Dragons.

Activity : Playing and Healing with Dragons and Faerie  –  ( Possible Visit to an Oracle Cave )


30th September – Day Four  –  Your Divine  ConnectionsAngels and Angelic Healing – Divine Presence – Guides

Deeply Healing Experience Day

How to connect, heal and work with these energies – Guardian Angels and Healing with AA  Michael and other Angelic beings.                                                                                                       Deep heart healing – using crystals, meditation visualization expanding your heart. Finding your wings. Loving the self

Afternoon Activity –  Visit to Archangels Michaels Shrine and Monastery in Taxiarches the District of Mantamados– Full Afternoon activity  to the other side of the Island.

   1st October – Day Five –  Transmuting Negativity & Darkness – Finding Joy, Adventure and Confidence

Archangel Zadkiel.  Angel of Joy and transmutation of negativity energy – Healing and Meditation

Activity : The Violet Flame of transmutation. Letting go –  Healing with Crystals to calm the body.

Activity – Creating Adventure – The imagination at its best – out of your comfort zones  – finding confidence having fun.

End – The way forward – This is your Life


Retreat Cost




Retreat Cost Per Person  (Paid in full by 31st August 2024)

 Costs Include : 5 Nights Accommodation, 5 lunches, Retreat fees, drinks in the retreat centre. Nights of  27th 28th 29th 30th September 1st October are covered. If you want to add a day before just let us know and we can book for you.


Euros  755/- pp            TWIN SHARING BASIS    

Euros  900/- pp            SINGLE OCCUPANCY BASIS


*If you wish to make your own accommodation arrangements, there are some package deals with travel companies from Europe that have accomodation in Skalla Erressos *  


*Retreat fee only (No accommodation):  

Euros  605/- pp –  includes lunches  & drinks in the centre


*Bank Transfer details for payment given at time of booking* or Paypal

It can be paid in Euros, Bahraini Dinars,  Kuwait Dinars, UK Pound If this is easier for you.


Booking Deposit : 100 Euros,  Non Refundable as admin charges.


Full Fee must be paid by  31st August 2024

  *Cancellation Policy :* 

Less than 30 days 75% refundable

Less than 25 – 14 days 50% refundable

Less than 14 days 100% Non refundable


In unforeseen circumstances should we have to cancel the retreat all monies will be fully refunded.  You are really recommended to take Travel Insurance to cover all possibilities


Not Included :  Breakfast, Airfares, Visas, Travel Insurance (Recommended) especially in these Covid times, Medications, Airport or other Transfers to and from hotel other than stated, Alcoholic Drinks, personal incidentals, tips, laundry etc.

Please note you are responsible for making your own airfares bookings and any required visa’s to Greece.


*Additional Days can be booked at the Apartment, pre and post the retreat at special rates. Please ask for details


Through experience we have allowed for breakfast at your own pleasure.  There are many café’s and small stores in walking distance where you can take a leisurely Greek or heavier breakfast at the beach, or in the village and soak up the truly beautiful morning atmosphere on the island. Or you can purchase your own breakfast to eat in the garden or on the beach or in your own room.  Light snacks and drinks will be available in the Dojo.

Retreat Venue- Reiki Dojo – Set in Franks Olive Grove overlooking the Mediterranean, Sea  – beautiful, peaceful and in nature – Blissful


Victoria’s Apartments

Skala Eressos,
81105 Eressos, Lesvos Island

Tel: +30-22530-52003
Website: (unfortunately Greek Only, but check out the pictures) Email:



Booking Form

Finding your Inner Smile –  Retreat – Skalla Eressos, Lesvos Island , Greece

27th September to 1st October  2024

With Julie Lomas and Frank Arjava Petter



Personal Details


Name/s :  Title__ First Name_______________Surname______________


Gender : Female ____  Male _____             Date Of Birth______________


Room Type :


Single :


Double  / Twin Sharing 



2nd Person sharing room


Name :  Title___First Name­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________   Surname­_______________


Gender : Female ____  Male _____                   Date Of Birth_______________


Email Contact: _____________________________________________________


Telephone Contact : Country Code_______Number______________________


Extra nights to be booked either side of the retreat at your own expense.

We can book the room nights for you, but you pay Victoria directly when there.


Extra nights Dates___________________________________________________


Retreat Only – No accommodation


Names of Participant_________________________________________________


Email contact _______________________________________________________


Telephone Contact __________________________________________________



Julie Lomas –

Whatsapp – 00973 39606712

Frank Arjava Petter

Whatsapp 00306958617027


Other currencies – this may differ daily due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates

Approx Cost in

Pound Sterling pp  –  £ 790/- single occupancy   £ 660/- Shared

In BD  380/-  shared BD 320/-  PP

In KD 310/-   shared 260/-        PP


About Eressos

The village of Eressos is located at the South-Western corner of Lesvos Island in the North Aegean. It is well-known for being the birthplace of Sappho, the most loved poetess of Greece born around 630 BC. Another famous Eressian was Theoprastus, the successor of Aristotle and the founder of botany. He is seen as the first environmentalist.

The weather will be between 18 degrees Celsius at night and 27 degrees during the day. It usually does not rain in September but bring a light raincoat just in case.

Don’t forget your swimsuits.

For more information on Julie or Frank please visit their websites or contact them directly. They have both been teaching for many years across the world. Together they have a vast knowledge and understanding of many different types of healing modalities, and together bring a unique quality, healing and learning experience to you.

*Note*You do not have to have Reiki experience to attend this Retreat. Some of our Reiki principals will be a part of the learning but not the limitation. We will be using many different modalities.



Contact Julie Lomas


November/December – Bahrain

WORKSHOP with Julie 

Making your Vision Board and Setting new Goals for yourself  workshop with Julie

This is a new an inspirational fun workshop with Julie

We will address confidence issues, stress related issues  and dream your vision for the life you want to live.

There will be a workbook and you will also receive a lot of in-depth healing and understanding of yourself . Make 2024 your best year ever and start building the life you dream of.

Fun active healing workshop

Date :  TBA

Venue : Budayia

Cost : 45 bd

Time : 10am – 4pm

Reservations Essential




Clearing and Healing the 7 layers of the Aura

Please register your interest at



How to use Crystals for
Stress relief, Relaxation, and help with sleep

This is an Active, Hands on, Practical healing workshop.
Using crystals and crystal grids
Simple, easy to use, practical tips for the home & the workplace

Julie will help you to find the right, individual crystals to work for you & your energy.
Simple to use practical guide

Lots of practise in the class.

Date :  date to be decided –  but will be in November  2024

Please register your interest
Venue :
Cost :
Time :

Reservations essential, reserve & pay at 8 Mansions,

Contacts :

Julie Lomas

instagram : juliesconsciousconnections

Youtube Conscious Connections

Facebook : julielomas

Whatsapp 00973 39606712



December 2024

Virginia Beach USA

All workshops details to be announced

Angelic Healing, Crystal Therapy

Please register your interest


Bahrain February 2025

Japanese Reiki Techniques with Frank Arjava Petter

Date :  Friday 7th Saturday 8th  February

(With additional events TBA )

Venue :  Manama  

Cost : BHD 180                                                  BHD50 Non refundable deposit  will reserve your place. (we will return in full if we cancel the event ) Remaining Fee paid in full 30TH September 

 Time : 10am – 6pm 

Frank Arjava Petter, author of many books on Reiki including “Reiki Fire”,“Reiki, the Legacy of Dr. Usui” , “The original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui” and co- author of “The Spirit of Reiki” in collaboration with William Lee Rand and Walter Lübeck, “Reiki Best Practices” with Walter Lübeck, “The Hayashi Reiki Manual” with Tadao Yamaguchi, “Reiki Ganz Klar”, “This is Reiki” and One with Reiki.

Will be teaching The Japanese Reiki techniques. He is the Vice President of the Jikiden Reiki institute in Kyoto Japan, and he will bring to the teaching all the latest information and details Of Dr. Usui  and the practice of Reiki.

This workshop is a wonderful refresher and full of new information & learning for anyone practicing Reiki from level 2 to Reiki Master. Everything is backed with facts. As the world’s leading Reiki historian you are guaranteed a wonderful learning and practice experience.

Years of research into the true history of Reiki have revealed a completely new vision of Dr. Usui and the Reiki movement he gave birth to in Japan.

The class is open for anyone who is Reiki trained, from any lineage   any level to Reiki Master. There will be a lot of practice and information.

Details of what you will learn

The Gassho meditation

The five Reiki principles and their meaning

Joshin Kokyuu Ho, a breathing technique to purify the spirit

The Reiji prayer, indication of the spirit

Reiki Undo, Reiki exercise

Shu Chu Reiki, concentrated Reiki

Reiki Mawashi, Reiki current

Kenyoku, dry bathing

Byosen, finding and working with problem areas

Jacki kiri Joka Ho, transforming negative energy

Koki- Ho, healing with the breath

Gyoshi- Ho, healing with the eyes

Hanshin Chiryo, half the body treatment

Hesso chiryo, navel healing technique

Hanshin Koketsu Ho, blood exchange technique

Gedoku- Ho, detoxification technique

 Please book your place with Julie at


BOOK SIGNING, and Come and meet FRANK ARJAVA PETER at 8 mansions 6th February  

Time : 12 noon to 4pm

Free Event

Books will be available for purchase, and you can also bring your own books for signing.