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Angelic Guidance –  January, February March

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January 2023

How to use Crystals for
Stress relief, Relaxation, and help with sleep

This is an Active, Hands on, Practical healing workshop.
Using crystals and crystal grids
Simple, easy to use, practical tips for the home & the workplace

Julie will help you to find the right, individual crystals to work for you & your energy.
Simple to use practical guide

Lots of practise in the class.

Date :  date to be decided –  January, February

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Julie Lomas

instagram : juliesconsciousconnections

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January 2023  Jikiden Reiki Bahrain 

Reservations essential 

50bd non returnable deposit will secure your place

Dates for Jikiden Reiki  

Jikiden Reiki  Shoden (level 1) Class  – Bahrain (2 Days )

Date :   January 27th 28th (shoden Level )

Time :   10am – 530pm

Cost :

Limited numbers .

Please contact me directly to register or book your place.


Jikiden Reiki Okuden (level 2 )Class – Bahrain ( 1Day) 

Date : January 29th or February 3rd

Time : 10am – 530pm

Cost :

You must have completed level 1 Shoden to attend this class.

Limited numbers

Please contact me directly for details. 00973 39606712 WhatsApp message only


In Jikiden Training You Will Learn:-

SHODEN (Level 1) –  

 The first level of Jikiden Reiki you will receive 3 Reiju (attunements) and learn how to use Reiki to treat any physical condition, disease or injury. The content of the 2-day workshop includes:

• What is Reiki, how it works with the body’s natural healing  systems
• How to give Reiki treatments in professional & domestic situations
• The history of Reiki, meaning and background to the Japanese

Characters and 1 symbol
• How to detect and treat areas with high areas of toxins using byosen
• First aid techniques using koki, gyoshi & bushu
• The blood rejuvenation technique (Ketsueki Kokan).

• Exercises to practice and develop your sensitivity (Hatsurei Ho)
• Practice giving Reiki treatments


       OKUDEN (Level 2 ) –       

 * Receive 2 more Reiju’s
* Learn to use Reiki specifically for psychological issues.
* Learn how to do distance Reiki
* Learn variations of distance Reiki for easier self-treatment including

psychological issues.
* Practice sessions and practical demonstrations.


You need to complete Shoden level before you can take Okuden level. It can be taken together straight after your initial Shoden training.

Upon completion of your training you will receive an English certificate, followed at a later by a Japanese certificate issued by the Jikiden Institute in Kyoto. You will be able to treat a variety of problems issues with those you give Reiki too.


Private sessions with me can be booked anytime.

Private group workshops on-line can be booked at anytime. Please let me know what you require and we can arrange it.

Holistic Life Coaching – on going please contact for an appt.